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Aster Coworking

  • Where can I park?
    The parking immediately around the office on the central street of Bozel is for a limited time, but you can park in any of the public car parks around Bozel for an unlimited amount of time and still have an easy work to the coworking office.
  • Can memberships be shared?
    No, a membership is per individual. A company who may have several employees needing to come can order the memberships on the same account, but each membership needs to be attributed to an individual.
  • When is the billing period from?
    Our memberships run from the 1st of the month until the last day of that month. You can choose to pay for your membership monthly, or benefit from a discount if you pay for the year in one payment.
  • What happens if all the hot desks are booked?
    We have made a limited number of memberships available so that the space remains a good place to work, however we do encourage everyone to book their seat at least 24 hours to avoid being disappointed.
  • Can I print as much as I want?
    We offer free printing for our members, but if you have huge documents to print, perhaps think about contributing to the honesty pot (same goes for teal & coffee).
  • Will I be able to focus?
    The open space is meant to be a quiet space to focus but there will inevitably be some chatter. If you need to have a confidential conversation or be in private, you can book a focus room.
  • Will I be able to network?
    As above, the open space is meant to be a quiet space for working, but the break room is set up for socialising with your peers and having a chat over a cup of coffee.
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