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Aster Management, sister company to Aster Coworking are first and foremost a French Administration company based out of Meribel. Early in 2023 they began their search for a personal office space that quickly turned into the concept for Aster Coworking. Owners Helen and Viv are very in tune with the local need for more focused workspace and have created Aster Coworking not just to give their business a home, but to welcome others too. 

Aster Management's mission is to be the pillar of support for companies and individuals in their administrative, real estate and English translation issues. 

How Aster Management can help you

Based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France, Aster Management provide French administrative assistance for both individuals and businesses, second home owners and translation services to a local and national market. Click below to learn more about their service offerings.  

Meribel Sunset


Are you a local business with a headache that needs easing? 

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